I offer a complete Blueprint of your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Beingness.


Know The Unknown

The information I can discern provides a whole picture of the consequences of how one has lived.  My BluePrint chart notes the vibrational state of each organ, gland, emotional state and ones ability to heal.  As long as we are alive, improvement can be made.  Awareness is key and that is where I operate.  Bringing conscious attention to unconscious patterns in your body, field, & life.


Past Lives Present

The past remains with us until a resolution of the karma of actions that were part of our lives comes into our awareness.  We continue to live out, whether this life or past, each struggle that stays unresolved.  This can be a vow that we made or agreed to or a curse put upon us or a family member.  To see in a mirror all the unfinished stories that we continue to live out would give the opportunity for the great  ‘Aha’  that would support changes in our health, life, and relationships.


Get To The Roots

Getting to the root cause of your issues, complaints, and longings; and not just treating symptoms- creates the true possibility to heal.  The importance of finding the origin of an illness whether that being emotional, physical or of the spirit is often what allows resolution to occur. Once balance is restored, health surely rebuilds in the absence of the tensions that unbalanced you.


All Life Issues Explored

Intuitively at your service.

Working towards complete attunement and healing.

A Medical Intuitive recognizes all life as having a signature vibration, “seeing” into a body and collecting information as a hologram. As a Medical Intuitive I ‘see’ a person in a wholeness of time, including the origin in both this life and the past incarnations and when and how an imbalance began and how it persists.

In the many years I have practiced there is very little in the way of illness that has not been in my office. Physical, Emotional, Psychic, Past Life, This Life, and always, how our hope for future life possibilities will bring balance and a greater feeling of contentment. Whether it be structural imbalance, food imbalance or emotional imbalance, we must realize that as we are a single Whole, every aspect of our life reacts with all our other parts and each other.


What Clients Say About ME

"First of all, I wanted to say thank you for your great work, which had touched me on the emotional and soul level. Specifically, our conversation with my grandfather.

Secondly, you managed accurately describe my health issues, which I had for a few years. This is important, because I am bioresonance health practitioner, and I work with people who have auto-immune health conditions. But as always, we tend to care for others more and neglect our own issues. Your reading was a wake up call for me to focus and repeat detox procedures. Also, after the reading, I checked my thyroid, and it was exactly what you have said - heavy metals and thyroiditis, plus Cytomegalovirus. I am sharing this, so your other clients could have more confidence in your readings, knowing that it was verified.

Finally, thank you for your patience and dedication."  -JD (2022-01)

 "In 2013 at the age of 60, I was diagnosed with stage 2 estrogen/progesterone receptor positive breast cancer and I chose to not do chemotherapy which had been recommended by an oncologist. I did have a mastectomy and had 12 weeks of radiation and, I called Owen. I am cancer free eight years later and I continue to consult with him every several months. Owen immediately started me on a treatment plan that addressed diet changes including juicing green vegetables and slowing down the pace of my life. Because he has the ability to “see” not only the physical aspects of one’s illness, he was able to address the interplay between my body, mind and spirit that allowed cancer to flourish in me. While this process was challenging at times, on all levels, it has also been rewarding and exciting.
I continue to appreciate and value Owen’s guidance and his ability to answer questions with reliable and valid information. It is a great comfort to have him as a trusted resource.

I highly recommend working with him." -KG (2021-12)